You often are covered until you have a claim.  Sadly, insurance companies often disappoint us when we need them the most.  We have decades of experience litigating, trying and resolving myriad insurance disputes for both business and individual policyholders. We have obtained over $450,000,000 in settlements, verdicts and judgments against first and third-party primary umbrella, excess and additional insurers, including millions of dollars in punitive damages.  Our appellate victories have changed the course of insurance law and insurer practices.  We are here to help you maximize your coverage and propel not just your bottom line but your peace of mind.


Public and private companies, joint ventures, partnerships, LLCs, shareholders, associations, schools, non-profit organizations and individuals.


  • Recovered over $200 million from additional insurers in suits over ongoing and completed operations coverage.
  • Recovered over $100 million from direct primary, umbrella and excess insurers over policy interretation, including deductible and SIR satisfaction, duty to defend, duty to settle, stacking of SIRs and policy limits, policy exhaustion and dropdown, following form, maintenance SIRs, duty to defend and duty to settle issues.
  • Recovered over $60 million from insurers for the replacement of drywall from China.
  • Recovered over $45 million from an insurer in a suit involving pollution coverage.
  • Jury verdict against an insurer of for over $25 million in compensatory and punitive damages for failing to defend.
  • Recovered over $6 million from an insurer in an arbitration over policy interpretation.
  • Recovered over $5 million against an insurer in a failure to defend suit.
  • Recovered over $2 million from an insurer in a pollution coverage dispute.
  • Recovered $1 million from an insurance broker for inadequate insurance.