One of the biggest hurdles facing the development community in California is compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  CEQA compliance has become of the larger line items in every developer’s budget.  We understand the challenges.  We’ve been side-by-side with our developer clients, helping them through a myriad of CEQA issues.

Our experience spans the CEQA process, from the initial study to final certification of the EIR or MND.  We have helped our clients understand their rights in the CEQA process, often helping them invoke applicable CEQA exemptions or streamlining opportunities overlooked by the local government.  We have assisted in the drafting of MNDs, EIRs, EIR addendums and all other manner of other CEQA documents.  We work closely with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure a bullet-proof compliance record that withstands the attacks of even the most sophisticated project opponents.

Our CEQA advocacy starts at the earliest phase of compliance, with integral strategies designed to facilitate positive working relationships with local governments.  We are skilled in advocating before local decision-makers in public hearings.  If litigation ensues, we’re on it.  We have breadth and depth in CEQA litigation, defending projects all over the state.  Our overriding goal is to get you through the thicket concerns that CEQA can trigger, and do it quickly.