Publicly Traded Company/Breach of Contract

Represented plaintiff in prosecution of breach of contract claim predicated on defendants’ disparagement of client via the internet and email using fake online personas obtaining damage award and permanent order of injunction against the defendants.  Proved client’s claims by obtaining evidence of internet protocol addresses and financial transactions to prove defendants were source of disparaging content.  Litigious nature of defendants resulted in the filing of 28 separate motions where client prevailed on all but two, one which was mooted by client’s stipulation to transfer venue, and the other was a motion to quash a deposition subpoena (prepared by prior attorney) that was granted without prejudice to allow for client to reserve subject to nominal limitations.  Successfully defended cross-complaint and derivative malicious prosecution action through anti-SLAPP motions.

Comercial Developer

Defend litigation involving cyber breach.

Winning Defense in Ransomware Attack

In an ongoing case involving a commercial developer, the firm defended litigation involving a cyber breach. When a server hosting service to government and private clients was compromised by a zero-day attack, our attorneys came on board to defend a subrogation claim about ransomware. We negotiated a mediation range settlement limiting exposure, relying on testimony from a third-party forensic technology expert to resolve the case.