Criminal Trial

Unbelievably, a 16 year old family friend was charged with a crime based on an alleged assault during a high school sporting event where two referees were 10 yards away and neither referee called a foul on the play.  We took the case pro bono because the client could not afford private defense counsel and the public defender’s office did not have the resources to retain appropriate experts for a trial.  Initially, we assumed that the charge was the work of a rogue prosecutor and that we could use our political connections to convince the District Attorney’s office to dismiss a frivolous case.  When it became clear that the DA had a hidden motive and was on board with ruining our client’s life, we took the case to trial.  We raised money to hire multiple experts and devoted over $200,000 in attorney time to the pro bono case. After a hard fought trial that lasted three weeks and included over 30 witnesses, we won the case.