Perfection in construction is rarely achieved.  Even with the best of intentions, accidents, architectural and construction disputes, labor issues, material shortages, acts of God and liens can delay project completion, increase costs and shrink profits.  Similarly, flaws in design, workmanship and materials can expose owners, landlords, tenants, neighbors, and guests to bodily injury and property damage, and developers and contractors to substantial liability.  Whether a minor lien dispute or a nine-figure product defect matter, we handle and resolve such issues for clients every day.

When representing clients seeking payment or those seeking to avoid it, we work closely with our clients to delineate their interim and long-term objectives and to craft innovative, efficient and cost-effective strategies and tactics to achieve them. Our ability to optimize insurance and third-party contributions to maximize recoveries and minimize out-of-pocket payments is unparalleled.

We have hundreds of years of combined experience handling construction issues.  Some are handled with a simple phone call while others require Supreme Court review.  Our deep bank of knowledge leads to game-changing business and legal strategies that propel our clients beyond issues and disputes so they can focus on their business and everyday life.