All Statutes of Limitation, Legal Deadlines, and Licensure Renewal Deadlines Tolled in Nevada

Apr 01, 2020 Published Article

Updated April 2nd

In his tenth official directive since declaring a state of emergency in Nevada on March 12, 2020, Governor Sisolak has now addressed statutes of limitation as well as various licensure renewals in light of significantly reduced operations in the courts and other state government departments.

The order is sweeping.  All statutes of limitation in Nevada, as well as any other statutory or regulatory deadline for the commencement of any legal proceeding is now tolled until 30 days after the currently unknown end of the state of emergency.  This means that any parties who are currently facing the imminent expiration of the applicable statute of limitation under which to bring their claims now have the remainder of the state of emergency, plus 30 days to take those actions.

In addition, the latest directive extends renewal obligations for state business licenses, and any “licenses and permits issued by the State of Nevada, Boards, Commissions, Agencies, or political subdivisions of the State of Nevada” until either 90 days from the current expiration date, or 90 days from the termination of the state of emergency, whichever is later.  These provisions extend obligations for, among many others, corporate annual list filings with the Nevada Secretary of State, renewals with various business licensing agencies, and renewals of professional licenses.  Finally, the directive relieves entities doing business in Nevada from having to pay state business license renewal fees – if such fees fall due during the declared state of emergency - until 60 days after the termination of the state of emergency, while also suspending late fees and other penalties.

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