2019’s AB 5 Battle of California

Nov 26, 2019 Published Article
Modern Restaurant Management

History was my favorite subject in school and is still one of my favorite subjects to read.  History books often reference a military battle tactic known as scorched earth, when one side would burn down all infrastructure and resources as they retreated in order to prevent the advancing side from using them. In present day, the meaning has expanded to describe destroying economies and societies, and in fact, we’re witnessing it right now. The passage of California’s AB 5 and the battle to scale it back will shape the future of how businesses engage the labor force. One side has implemented a scorched earth tactic, but the victor will be neither of the players. Unfortunately, as AB 5 progresses, the restaurant industry may also find itself on a losing side.

Michael Krueger discusses how AB 5 may have some unintended negative effects to the delivery app workforce that supporters of the bill were trying to protect.