Pricing, Procurement & the Role of Legal Operations (CLOC) and the Marketing Department

Sep 14, 2017

  • In a two-part session, LMA explored the ways that clients are asking for—and demanding—changes to buying and pricing of legal services. Part one included a presentation by Mary Shen O’Carroll and Jeff Franke from Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).  Using their experience at Google and Yahoo!, respectively, they outlined the high-level trends and developments in the industry, the role of in-house operations professionals in the procurement and pricing process and insight into how law firms are successfully meeting the call for new thinking and approaches to selling legal services. In part two of the session, Mary and Jeff were joined by panelists Gia Altreche, Lisa Waligorski and Brian Fanning for a tactical discussion of how firms of all sizes are approaching pricing and procurement including leveraging multi-disciplinary experts in marketing, finance, technology, etc. to bring the demands of the client and needs of the law firm together.